Southern Cross Investigations

Ian Fairbrother is an accredited Queensland licensed Professional Investigator with Licence Number 3316759.

He was the founder and Principal of Davies Investigations, a Professional Investigation agency in South East London, United Kingdom for 32 years from 1971 to 2003 before moving to Australia in 2004. He therefore has a vast amount of experience and a range of abilities and honed skills of ingenuity and persistence together with tact, patience and discretion that covers most if not all the requirements needed to fulfil case instructions.

During the course of his professional career he served on the Governing Boards of both National and International professional investigation associations. From this was developed an outstanding network of local agents and strategic partnerships throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Middle East & Asia, Africa and Australia, many of whom are known on a personal level.

Over his 40 plus years in business as a Professional Investigator, he has undertaken successful investigations not only nationally throughout the United Kingdom but also overseas in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and the Far East for Private clients, Solicitors, Banks, Corporate and Insurance companies.
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Tracing
  • Civil & Criminal Witness Statements
  • Criminal Defence investigations
  • Corporate fraud investigations
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Due diligence research
  • Pre-trading reports
  • Background & Pre Employment Vetting
  • Company profile analysis